Khunti is synonymous with rebellion and struggle since it was historically a center of activity during the famed Birsa movement in 1875. Ranchi district was organized into four administrative subdivisions namely sadar,Gumla (1902), Khunti (1905) and Simdega (1915). The place has been in recorded annals of history for its long drawn struggle against the British under the aegis of Birsa Munda, the revolutionary hero of Jharkhand. Khunti is famous as the lac producer of the Jharkhand region. A large share of India’s total lac is produced in this place. Lac is a natural polymer (resin) that is produced by a tiny insect called Kerria lacca (Kerr). This insect is specially grown on the shoots of several species of trees such as palas, kusum and ber. This agricultural profession of lac cultivation is a secondary source of income for many tribal in the Khunti region. And it is with the Government assistance and many other voluntary and NGO’s that this cultivation has taken a new form and a new lease of life.

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